Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What Did You Want To Be When You Were Young?

Ever look back and think how differently your life has turned out than you were expecting it to be when you were 8, 9, or 10? How far have you come, what did you want to be?

Do you guys every sit back and think about all the things you said you wanted to be or do while you were growing up? Teacher, doctor, lawyer, police officer, fire fighter, veterinarian..
My nephew even told me one time he wanted to be a "poop sucker", which is the guys who pump your septic tank.. Hey, someone has to do it! More power to ya, kiddo.

Well, my future profession changed with the wind when I was little.

I wanted to be a cheerleader, an astronaut (haha!), teacher, a pop star with absolutely NO singing abilities, pretty sure I wanted to be a Barbie at one point. But, to be fair, who doesn't want to be Barbie? amiright? That chick has it all! And does it all. Go girl!

But, from the time I was a kid to the time I was a young person, I never really had a true calling. I just thought "hey my hairdresser does my hair really well, this looks like fun, I like hair and trendy stuff.. I guess I'll go to cosmetology school.." And if I actually voiced what I truly wanted to be when I was in high school, I probably would've been laughed at, and probably would've scared some people off.

Wife. Mommy.

Boom! That's what I wanted to be! With all my heart. I wanted to be married with kids. Honestly, I didn't want to be anything else. I love doing hair and makeup, don't get me wrong. But it wasn't one of those things I've wanted my whole life.

Being a mother, being a wife, taking care of a home, watching my kids grow up.. THAT is what I wanted. I've always had, what I call, an "old soul". I was the so-called "mom" of the group. I wasn't very into partying or any of that typical teenager stuff.

My mom was a great example of what a mom should be. Took us to every practice, game, and competition, involved with our lives, leading by example, pushing us to do better, never letting us quit, making sure we were friendly to everyone, loved by all our friends, teaching us love, faith, compassion, and to be happy.. Maybe that's where I get it, but that's exactly what I want to be and do for my kids. Soccer mom status hard core!

Call me old school, but having your husband come home from working, your kids running towards him yelling "Daddy's home!", while he's greeted with an ambush of hugs and kisses, and seeing that joy on his face because he knew what he was doing all day was to give these little mini humans everything they want and deserve in life.. That's the coolest feeling. Yes, I'm sure he would rather be at home with them but the fact that he gets up and goes to work, while I get to stay home and raise our children, he's the real MVP. Some may think that it's crazy or weird, and that's fine. Everyone's different, that's the beauty in it all, right? You can be or do whatever you want!

Growing up I hated how tall I was and that I was bigger than most girls my age. It never stopped me from having a lot of friends or being social with other people, but it was something I've always had an issue with, since I was 8! And through nobody's fault but mine, I was just one of those kids who was bigger and taller than everyone and it bothered me. I'm not sure other kids even realized it then or not, it was all in my head, and has been since then. But my mom always told me that I was beautiful, and funny, and smart, and kind, and courageous.

And THAT is what I want to be when I grow up.

To be my kids "person".
To raise my babies to be great people!

And to also build my husband up to make sure he knows how great he is, too.

My 19-month old daughter loves to play with her dolls and absolutely adores "taking care" of her little sister, which makes me so so happy. I love the fact that she knows what to do at such a young age. Just means I'm doing my job right. And if she comes to me and says that she wants to be a mommy when she grows up, well, I'm pretty sure I'll cry. Because, to be honest, I cry over everything that little sweetie does.

Check back in a few days for another post. Thanks for reading my words, it means a lot!