Monday, October 31, 2016

(Potty) Training the Beast!

Every child is different.
And I think it's important to remember that when you go into attempting to potty train.
I am, by no means, a professional! This is my first time potty training, just want to share the way we're doing it so maybe it'll help someone else.

(By the way, guys. Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm listening to Christmas music while writing this. #noshame)

So, Harper (my oldest) has been going to the potty on and off for like 6 months. Never #2, only #1. She turned 2 in October and quite honestly, I was running low on her diapers, so I said let's do this thing. We had been trying her going potty in the big potty with the little seat on the toilet, but found that she was more comfortable with the training potty. Hers is Minnie Mouse and makes a clapping/celebration noise when you "flush", so she's all about it.

We hunkered down in the house for 3-5 days, I made sure our schedule allowed that. She wouldn't wear any undies or diaper or PullUp, just a t-shirt, and let her run around like she went about her day as she normally would. Lots of Monsters, Inc. and Disney. We would only put a diaper or PullUp on her when she would go to sleep, naps and bedtime.

The first day was rough, not gonna lie. But, I kept telling myself that she's learning what the feelings were and that it meant she needed to head to the potty. Our biggest challenge was going poo poo. She did not get it, luckily I knew around what time she went #2 and kept her on the toilet until she went. So there were no #2 accidents on any floor, but plenty of #1 - thank God for Swiffer Wet Jets! I only diapered or PullUp'ped her when she went to sleep, and as soon as she woke up I took her immediately to the potty and that was successful.

Day 2 went amazingly better. She woke up, sent her to the potty, she went pee pee. "High five! Knucks! You go girl!!" She thought she was Queen Bee! Accidents decreased immensely. She maybe had 1! It was amazing. But this day I thought I would leave her pajama pants on her because it was a little chilly. Well, joke was on me, she went #2 in her pants. *face palm* She had a freak out about that, though. She didn't like it in her pants. But, I guess having it in a diaper is okay? Meh, whatevs. Rest of the day went well. This time I decide pad to not put a PullUp in her for her nap. And unfortunately, that was unsuccessful. The rest of the day went great, no accidents! PullUp for bedtime. And mommy got to do laundry and some floor cleaning. (What's new, amirite?)

Third day was insane. Woke up in the morning with a dry PullUp and went potty immediately. Oh yeah, go Harper!! I found myself not having to ask her as often if she needed to go to the potty, and she would run in and go when she needed to. #2 in the potty! Poo poo dance! No PullUp for nap time; woke up dry! Wait.. Is this the same kid who pooped in her pants and peed on the floor not 2 days ago?! Oh yeah, it is. Honestly, I'm feeling like boss ass potty trainer.

I bought her Frozen panties as an incentive, we've bribed her with chocolate or "fries" aka Cheetos. But, quite honestly, the biggest help and motivator has been making a big deal out of her going in her potty! She gets a high five and "knucks" when she pee pees, and when she goes poo poo we do a big, fun, crazy, silly "poo poo dance"! She loves it!! She'll be mid-poop and say "POO POO DANCE!?" It's super cute. We still do PullUp or a diaper when we go out. So, I need to get more confidence in doing out of the house potty trips.

I'm sure there will be more accidents across the next few years. But, I'm very happy with this success!

Do you have anything that has worked for you while potty training your kid? Any advice on what NOT to do? (That can be almost as important as the good advice, I've learned)