Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi Friends.

Hey there friends!

It's been a while. Sorry to leave everyone hanging. I have a bad habit of letting time slip away from me. Over the summer I am babysitting my nephew, too. So, that's interesting!

Here's what we've been up to in the Bowden household;

Harper is 8 months old, now. WHAT?! Sad mommy.

Still prepping, pinning, preparing both mentally and physically for Harper's first birthday party. I have all the dates, times, some decorations, food ideas, gift ideas and DIY projects organized or all prepared in my head! So excited to do this. Just have to figure out a few different things and I will be needing help and opinions from everyone. Please find and follow me on Instagram so you can have input and we can chat more about the party and other mommy things! I'm so excited.

It's been "summer" here in Florida for a long time, count 6-8 weeks now. But it is OFFICIALLY summer with as stinking hot it is. All. The. Time.

My poor hubby and I'm sure a bunch of other people work outside in the heat all day.
Make sure if your loved one is one of the ones who are outside to remind them to stay hydrated!!

So, I kind of rediscovered etsy the other day.
And.. I'm obsessed. I ordered an iron on decal from this adorable shop called Sweet Signature.
It is so beautiful!

I'm so ridiculously obsessed with this it's silly! I cannot wait to put it on a tshirt for Harper to wear.
(I ordered the iron on over the onesie/tshirt already done because I don't know what size Harper will be in when that time comes. Her size varies so much!)
Best part; it was $5.75!! With shipping it was like $7. And can I add that I ordered it and received it in 2 days!? Amazing. I highly HIGHLY recommend this shop. Can't wait to see what else I can get from this sweet place.

So, that's all for now.

I promise to blog more!
I'm getting into a more set schedule with Harper and my nephew, Tripp. So blogging should be a bit easier now. Hopefully.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Am Woman..

Hear Me Roar!

The other day I posted on my Facebook a picture of me and my little darling and this is what I said:

" Today I've had an epiphany. Finally.
I am the epitome of my own worst enemy!! Family and friends close to me would be able to attest to the fact that I have struggled with how I look for as long as I can remember. But today I woke up happy with myself. No I haven't lost weight, no I'm not dieting, no I didn't change anything about myself. I just realized that there are things much greater than what I look like. Like my daughters health and well being. I woke up this morning to a husband who loves the crap out of me, a perfectly healthy and extremely happy baby girl, a family who would kill for me, and friends who truly care about my family and I. So who gives a crap that my legs wiggle when I walk, that my hair isn't straightened, I have a slight muffin top in my shorts that show my wiggly legs.. If you don't like looking at it, look the other way. As for me, I'll live happy from now on. Because my legs giggle a bit, I still have legs to walk, I have more hair than I know what to do with, and I have clothes to cover the important parts of my body lol. So, no, I'm not going to change the way I look to make other people happy. I'm a pretty fantastic person (lol, but seriously) and so far I'm rocking this motherhood thing! If you don't like it, kiss my dimply, rather large, pale bottom! "

And I posted this for many reasons;
One of them being that I really did wake up pleasantly pleased with myself.
I haven't, for a long time, honestly cared about what people think of me. Seriously, I don't. But, when I say I'm my own worst critic, I really do mean it. I'm horrible to myself, worse than anybody could've been. Or I used to be. So I woke up and told myself, "you know, this is the only life you get, and for the past 20 some years (I wish I was joking about that) you've been so worried about your weight and how you look while life is passing you by! It ends today!" And it did. I just decided to live my life happy for my daughter. I always said I didn't want to be "the fat mom" for my kids, but right now, she doesn't care! She's 8 months old. And, not to sound awful because she's seriously my best friend in the world, my mom is over weight and was the entire time I was in high school, BUT everyone LOVES her. And they should, because she's awesome. We all, even me, called her "Momma Schwab" and she loved it just as much as I did. All my friends are her friends on Facebook. I even said people that didn't like me in high school liked her. Haha, and it was probably true! So obviously it's not about whats on the outside or what you look like, it's about how beautiful your heart is! And my mom has the most gorgeous heart. Just don't mess with her kids otherwise her heart turns to stone and she'll get ya!

Another reason I posted this picture with this story is because I want other people to be happy, too. I really want people to realize how they can be happy with their body and be proud to be who they are. It really is so important if you want to be a happier person to be happy with yourself. I never really felt 100% happy until the other day when I just let all the negativity go. I'm done being in that dark place, and now I choose happy!

As women we have a tendency to jump into negative or judge others way too quickly. And I really want that to stop. We need to empower each other and bring each other up instead of tear each other down.. I have encountered people that want to, and actually seem to enjoy, humiliating or jump to a conclusion about someone just because of a noticeable characteristic. That's not okay. Who cares if a person has fuzzy hair, or are acting a fool, or have a certain color eyeshadow on? I guarantee you the person humiliating would be very upset or mad if someone was doing the same thing to them.. But, seriously, how is that person effecting your life at all? Most likely, they aren't in the slightest. So, get over it! If it isn't hurting or effecting you and your family, then think about something else.. Or even harder, and better, try to see a positive thing in that person. Ever tried that? See a person who has a crazy outfit on, and try to make a positive thought out of it? It's hard at first, but then your heart will come to enjoy it. It will be lighter and you'll be happier within yourself because negativity is gone. In that case I would say that I admired their courage and confidence to go out in a crazy outfit and feel good about it!

So here's a challenge for you;

Start thinking more on the positive side of things for one whole day. Find something nice to say about people you encounter, look at yourself in the mirror and realize how beautiful you really are and how much you have to be thankful for, be a role model for someone else. Just for a day. And if you don't feel happier throughout the day and the next morning, then try one more day. If it still doesn't effect you then go ahead with your life as normal. But, for me, I've noticed HUGE changes in my life since I decided I would live to be a happy person instead of how I was before.

After you think positively for a day, please let me know how it went! Comment on this blog post or find me on Instagram and let me know. I want to see if it's the same for everyone!