Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days of Gratitude

Happy November guys!!

This is by far the best time of the year, these next two months. I absolutely love everything that goes along with November and December (including the bus' & I's birthday).

But, the reason I'm posting this is starting the 1st I am going to be doing a 30 day gratitude challenge. 30 days will take us past Thanksgiving by almost a week. I have seen friends do it every year, because of Thanksgiving so I figured it couldn't hurt to try it out. I will be posting from a picture I found on Pinterest. So, I will post the picture I found that has the list of things I should be grateful on November 1st on Instagram along with the accompanying picture.
(if that doesn't make sense, head over to my Instagram @caitie_x3 on the 1st and check it out, hopefully it'll make more sense then!)

This is going to be a personal challenge to make sure I'm staying humble and appreciating every little thing I have. I hope you'll join me in doing this! And if you do let's use the hashtag #caitiebs30daysofgratitude. Yea, it's kind of long, but whatever. I hope you'll find it and give a different perspective on things! I love seeing other people appreciate what they have and spread positivity.

I will be doing a much bigger appreciation challenge at the beginning of the year. It'll be a 52 week challenge! A new topic each week, I'll blog one each week and maybe make a video here and there (if I can figure that out! haha). So be on the look out for those posts coming up.

This is a short and sweet post, but I hope you enjoy it and think about joining me!