Thursday, May 28, 2015

Falling Behind.

Sorry I've been gone, guys!

I've been pretty busy these past two weeks, and I couldn't seem to make the time to blog even though I need to! It's enjoyable and I love to get my feelings, ideas, and silliness out! These past two weeks I have had a great time.

We had a get together at my house with my side of the family. Sisters, one of my sisters boyfriends and my momma. We had a shrimp boil. My, oh my, was that some tasty food! Props to the hubs!

My mouth is watering looking at it!

If you don't like "Old Bay" you're wrong.

In the middle of the week the biggest thing happened; my baby girl started crawling!

My sweet, little baby figured out that crawling thing and she's been on the move ever since. I can't believe it. She was 7 months and 12 days old, haha. Not that I was counting or anything.

And now she can pull herself up in her crib, so I come in and she's standing on the side. Only scares me to death every time. So in the morning when she whines to wake up I'm in there almost immediately! Time to lower the crib again. Second time in a month. Oye!

Then that next weekend my husband took off that Friday to have a nice, long, 4 day weekend (because Monday was Memorial Day). 

Happy Memorial Day! <3
And we met his family out at their house they have on the Weeki Wachee River. It was such a beautiful weekend, and tons of fun with 14 people in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house!

Now, after a wonderful, long, family filled few weeks; I got sick. So weirdly sick it worried me. It started Tuesday and I noticed I got a weird light headed feeling when I would lean over and came back up. Then later my throat started hurting.. Then all of a sudden at like 8:30pm almost on the dot, I turned freezing cold! Shivers, shakes, I could not get warm. It was crazy. Took some Ibprofen for my throat and took my temperature - 101.2 crap! I layered up and tried to sleep it off. Woke up with the baby a few times (she's going through a growth spurt and/or teething so she's extremely fussy all. day. long.), I was miserable. Woke up at like 4:30 sweating like a fat bird at a disco, so I de-layer, took my temperature. 103.6 - great! I'm contagious. I cannot get my child sick! So I go ahead and text my mom for when she wakes up to come help me with the baby because I was so weak and I didn't want Harper to catch anything if there was even a possibility of her catching anything. Wake up around 8 (which is unheard of for Harper - she's normally awake between 6-7:30 daily), took my temperature again - 104.7!! AHH! I don't know what was wrong with me but that was scary. I'm pretty sure it was just that high because I had been wrapped up in blankets all night long, but either way, crazy.

Anyway, long story short, my mom came over to take care of Harper while I napped and tried to get over this thing, she also made me some vegetable soup. What a gal! Love my momma!

Even still, today, I have a pretty bad sore throat. But, I don't have a fever and my shivers/shakes have disappeared.

All in all, I had a great past two weeks.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? What do you guys do to celebrate the fallen?

Please tag me in your Memorial Day pictures and any DIY stuff you do! I would love to see!
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