Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How To Wash Your Dingy Yellowing Pillows

 Well, to say it's been a while is an understatement. I will be blogging way more often for you guys, I have been crazy here at home. So in the mean time, here's a post I've been working on bits at a time for about a month, now. haha. SO SORRY. xoxo.

So, the other day my nephew didn't come over so I got a wild hair to deep clean everything I could! I washed all sheets, mattress covers and everything. And I could not take looking at my disgusting yellowy pillows anymore so I said "to heck with it" and decided to try my hand at it.

Now I attempted it in two different ways.
Did four pillows, two different ways.

I found the first way here. And I followed the directions as it said in the washing machine and it did a pretty decent job.

But, I have one of those new, confangled HE washing machines, where it doesn't fill up but a couple inches of water in the bottom, so once I soaked the pillows for a while then opened it to put the detergent in I noticed most of the pillow was not soaking, but once I put it on wash and dried it, it did look much better than when I started.

I apologize for the poor picture quality

This is what we started with. YIKES!

As you can see I've never washed these before and we do not have the same pillows.
Pillows are stupidly expensive.

So I tried a different way with the second two pillows. Same ingredients as the previously shown link, I just decided to fill the bathtub full of the hottest water I could get in there, then poured in the ingredients to let it soak.

I filled the tub up enough to cover the pillows.
(Dumbly, I forgot that they would absorb the water.. Oh well)

Added one cup hydrogen peroxide.

Half a cup of white vinegar.

Then it soaked for about 30 minutes. Half way through, flipping them so they were submerged in the mixture completely.

Check out the water! SO GROSS.

So, once that was done I drained the tub, and squished as much water out of the pillows that I could, then transferred them to the washing machine where I used Tide to wash them in the washing machine. Then once the washer was done, on to the dryer, where it actually had to go through two dry cycles because they were still pretty wet.

And the end result is beautifully clean pillows.

Apparently you're supposed to wash your pillows every 6 months or so, and I will definitely be doing so from now on. I can't believe all the sweat and yuck that came out of these pillows. It feels a little embarrassing showing you guys, haha. Oh well, I have no shame.

I sure hope this helped some.

If you do this often please share your tips with me, so I can try the next time I wash my pillows!

Until next time,

xoxo, Caitie B

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